MindEarth is a highly interdisciplinary and composed by experts in computer science, computational social physics, environmental and telecommunication engineering, robotics, urban planning and humanitarian aid. Our company is rapidly expanding and we are always looking for talented, committed and passionate individuals to join the team. 

At MindEarth we strive to promote a safe, healthy, constructive and equal working environment, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability and other diverse backgrounds.

Check out our vacancies and apply if you fit the profile.


We are currently looking for talented individuals to join us full-time as junior or senior developers in applied computer vision. Your task will be to create computer vision and artificial intelligence pipelines to automatically process and extract relevant geospatial information from remote sensing data such as satellite and street-view imagery. In collaboration with other scientists and engineers, you will work on different applications based on automatic classification, segmentation, but also geodata processing and spatial modeling. This will require you to program, maintain and monitor complex software pipelines running in cloud environments and working on large datasets.