Our projects

Our projects are international and seek to deploy advanced geo-spatial technologies to provide the best service whilst creating skills locally, and empowering communities to increase control over their livelihoods. We combine innovation with participation.

Mapping the relationship between urbanization and exposure to flood at a global scale between 1985 and 2015

Urban Digital Twin model for the visualisation, navigation and exploration of multiple information layers on cities in space and time.

An immersive A.I. Art experiment between poetry and photography for the Italian Pavilion at the XVII Venice Architecture Biennale.

Mapping human behaviour before and after natural disasters using High-Frequency Location-Based data

A python library for the analysis of for High Frequency Mobility Data to support disaster response and infrastructural change

Advanced deep-learning for the estimation of spatial wealth through Copernicus Sentinel data and sparse in-situ survey data.

Flood exposure and vulnerability mapping using street level image automatic acquisition and machine learning

Population estimation, destroyed buildings, and land use classification